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Energy Rating web site accessible redevelopment

Old Energy Rating site, with a large red banner and very little imager

The old Energy Rating site

The new Energy Rating site with emphasis on the mobile app and use of imagery

The new Energy Rating site

AccessibilityOz is proud to announce the launch of the new Energy Rating web site. We redesigned the site and WordPress template to meet accessibility guidelines, as well as fixed the top ten pages for accessibility compliance. And we did it all in two months!

We rebuilt the site in time to match the launch date of the new Energy Rating mobile app. So, of course the new Energy Rating web site had to work on a number of different mobile and tablet devices. We also did a bunch of other stuff, such as personas and scenarios, a content audit, google stats analysis and interaction design analysis. Read more about the Energy Rating project on our blog or under our Services section, or visit the Energy Rating site and check it out for yourself!


What is Accessibility?

Website accessibility is the ability for a person with a disability to understand and use a website – without being labelled as ‘disabled’.

Did you know:

  • The Disability Discrimination Act (2009) requires all organisations and individuals to make their websites, intranets and ICT web applications accessible.
  • Government websites need to be WCAG2 Level AA accessible by December 2014.
  • Business and corporate websites need to be WCAG2 Level AA accessible by December 2013.

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